We all know how important role sewer pipelines play in our homes. They assist in transportation of waste water from home to sewer mains.

A clog in these pipes can lead to bigger problems in your house. Therefore, if you also think that there is some problem in your sewer pipes, pay attention to it immediately and get it rectified. This post will brief you on some signs that your sewer pipes are damaged or possibly broken.

Signs That Your Sewer Pipes Are Damaged

  • Sewage Blockage And Backup

Sewage backups generally occur when there is some blockage in the line. If you see that sewage is backing up with each flush, there are chances that your sewage pipe is blocked. Besides this, there can also be issues like channeling, cracks, misalignment, etc. Therefore, try to identify the problem and get rid of it as soon as possible.

  • Bad Odor

If there’s any crack or damage in your sewer system, you will smell sewer gas in your home. Therefore, if you have even slightest suspicion of a bad odor, you should try identifying the same and get it rectified immediately.

  • Mold Issue

Mold growth in your house can also be a sign, if sewer pipes are damaged. Molds grow due to humidity, so if you keep on avoiding the problem, there are chances that molds will damage your walls in the near future. If you’re facing odor and mold growth issue simultaneously, then you need to call your plumber right away.

  • Slow Drain

Slow drainage can be a sign that the blockage is building up in your pipes, and it will ultimately lead to sewage backup in the near future. Therefore, if your bathtub, sink or toilet is draining slowly, there can be issues of cracks, channeling and intrusion in your sewage pipes. You can hire professionals to take care of the issue at the earliest. There are several drain repair professionals online. You can hire one such company to resolve the issue.

  • Sinkholes And Foundation Cracks

If there are any cracks in foundation of your building or foundation settlement, there are possibilities of sewer pipe deterioration. If you let a sewage pipe damage untreated, it can lead to severe problems such as void in the foundation etc. Therefore, it’s better that you pay attention to the issue on time and get it resolved by hiring the right drain repair company in your locality.