Stone slab is a thick piece of stone that can be utilized for making various artifacts and things that can be used in the kitchen, garden and living room. In factory, the slabs resulted from the conversion of raw materials that have exposure to very high temperatures, pressure and a surface randomness control process. From limestone to granite countertops, there is always the right slab for your kitchen.

Kinds of Stone Slabs

  • Limestone Slabs– These slabs are fabricated by sawing limestone blocks depending on the thickness desired. They are impervious, hard and compact and its absorption is low. Limestone slabs are often available in colors such as green, desert yellow, brown, blue and black. These slabs are used in flooring, countertops, exterior paving as well as interior and exterior wall cladding.
  • Slate Slabs– These are broad and thick pieces of slate stone. They are available in a wide variety of colors and composition. The colors commonly used include blue, green, brown and black. These slabs are often used in kitchens as snooker tables and gravestones.
  • Granite Slabs-These slabs are fabricated by sawing granite blocks. They possess lasting polish, hardness, resistance to scratch, heat and stain as well as durability. Because of such attributes, they are usually used for vanities, flooring, kitchen counters, wall cladding, tub surrounds, shower and fireplaces. Kitchen granite stone slabs are particularly popular in many homes today.
  • Sandstone Slabs– Fabrication of this slabs involve sawing sandstone blocks in the desired thickness. People can get them in different sizes and shapes. These are used in the architecture field especially in exterior applications like garden pathways and cladding.

Stone Slab Resining

Resining is a process that involves the treatment of stone slabs with a resin. Stone slabs are impregnated with such resins in order to give the stone some strength. Some slabs are rejected because of some reasons such as stone brittleness; however, resins now are applied on such slabs marketing the rejected slabs.