The HVAC is an abbreviated form as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The equipment requires a control system essentially termed as Hvac controls supply in order to monitor heating and AC system operation.  It is actually provided with a sensing device that usually compares the current state present in the outdoor unit and the other one is a compressor used in this system in order to convert gas state into liquid form through a refrigerant and a liquid form is send directly to coils. Always see the temperature setting a target state and clean the system per year.

Where do you find the requirement of Hvac controls supply?

 In generally these systems are typically concentrated on the following areas:

  • The equipment resided with HVAC and their designated controls will be probably situated in the mechanical room. Coming to equipment perspectives, it includes chillers, the generators required for heating waters, the heat exchangers, boilers, pumps etc.
  • There are air handling units(AHU’S) which are deserved for heating, cooling, increase or decrease humidity levels(humidify and dehumidify), ventilating, filtering air and this filtered air will be distributed into form of building sections.

Benefits of a Control System Controls:

  • It maintains conditions especially in thermal comfort areas.
  • It even maintains less indoor wise AHU’s with an effective quality of air conditions.
  • It decreases the use of energy levels and let the operation of a plant will be safeguarded with secure use. This let the decrease in cost of manpower and these control systems acts as an alarm of depicting any kind of maintenance problems.
  • Finally these systems will definitely monitors and controls accordingly the condition of system.

What is Control?

In order to define the clear point of defining controls is assisted with the following terms;

This includes start or stops and regulates the process of heating, air conditioning and ventilating system accordingly defined as controlling HVAC systems. It is followed by concentrating on the discussed procedure;

  • It is helpful in measuring variable and gathers information reluctantly.
  • On further it usually process the desired data with required information. Followed by it eventually causes an action of control.

The above cyclic procedure will let function each other through sensor along with a controller and controlled device accordingly.

Elements of control system HVAC involves; It is probably included with the four kinds of basic features such as controller, a source of energy, sensor and the device of controller.

Let’s discuss in brief;

  • The functionality of a sensor is used to measure the accurate value of a control variable like in terms of temperature, flow or humidity and gradually it provides data required to the controller too.
  • Similarly the functionality of a controller retrieves input from sensor and it rigorously process the desired input that is already received in order to produce desired output for controlled device. A part of controlled device; it is enabled its function of modifying or manipulating control variables that are preceded by the desired controller only.
  • Finally a source of energy is utilized in order to provide the required power to the control systems. This system obviously uses electric power supply only and if possible these uses pneumatic power supply too.

Overall review: Finally these AHUs are predominantly available in different range of configurations. In fact these AHU’ s can be placed in a separate room known as a secondary equipment room and can also be seen in areas like roof top AHU’s.