Every year sees the development of new, sophisticated paint finishes for example solid emulsion, one-step gloss, eco-friendly ‘green’ paints, and hard sheens for bathrooms and kitchens. But which suits the task?

With all of these distinct and confusing products in the marketplace, it might possibly be considered a relief to understand that you could find 3 major types of house paint: water-based, and solvent-based, that is typically, otherwise precisely, referred to as oil-based paint.

Water-based paints contain emulsion, quick-drying eggshell and water gloss, solvent-based paints vary from traditional eggshell and gloss to durable sheen finishes and specialist lacquers or paints for metal. Some paints might have added ingredients for example vinyl acrylic or memory to ensure they are stronger in order to increase coverage – however that does not alter their fundamental composition.

Water paints are ideal for walls and water-based eggshell or gloss can be used for many interior woodwork, although solvent-based paints are ideal for regions of tough put on – exterior in addition to interior wood, and metal.

Emulsion or Enamel/Gloss Based?

Determine whether paint is water-based or solvent-based by studying the instructions given for thinning. If water is suggested, the paint will probably be water-based, if white-colored spirit is suggested then it is solvent-based.

Getting rid of paint

Oil-based paint and solvents are thought hazardous waste supplies. They need to not be discarded within the typical rubbish or put lower the sink. Talk to your local waste collection department for advice.


Primer seals absorbent surfaces and offers a vital for that subsequent jackets. Utilize it before painting bare timber, so when using gloss on bare metal.


Undercoat offers a smooth, solid-coloured base for liquid gloss. It is a solvent-based paint that appears attractive on its own, though the plethora of colours is restricted. It has a tendency to nick therefore if utilizing it without having the very best coat of gloss then safeguard it with obvious varnish.


Emulsion is the best for walls. It is a water-based paint, in most cases contains vinyl, that makes it easy and durable to wash. It may be employed of all seem, already colored surfaces.


Gloss paint may be the standard option for wood and metalwork. All solvent-based gloss includes a high shine however for a genuinely mirror-like finish, it is best to go for thin liquid paint. Used over undercoat, a method preferred by professional decorators, particularly for outdoors use.

Eggshell paint

Eggshell is really a versatile sheen finish typically employed for indoor woodwork, though it is also applied to walls for any uniform look.

Wood stains and varnish

Wood stains created for use inside are much more decorative than protective exterior paints. Cover compared to several jackets of obvious varnish.