Folding awnings are something many homeowners have decided to add to their patios and gardens. Awnings are coverings installed or attached outside of the home to provide more efficient shade. Under an awning, the air can be as much as 11 degrees cooler. For example, you may not have enough trees and other natural coverage for your patio. An awning will not only add a layer of cool shade to your outdoor area but also increase the beauty and comfort of your home.

The harsh Australian summer is unrelenting during the hottest months of the year. A retractable awning will immediately push back the sun and help you regain your outdoor space. If you are still somehow unsure of the benefits, you can take a look at the many reasons homeowners choose to add them to their homes.

UV Protection

Folding arm awnings stop 100% of UV radiation sent off by the sun. This radiation is not stopped by cloud cover, meaning you can still experience the damaging effects even when the sun is covered. UV radiation is the main cause of sunburn and skin cancer. With a retractable awning, you never need to worry about the dangerous effects of the sun at any point of the year.

Children love to play outside, especially during bright summer days. Still, they may get a serious sunburn without the right amount of cover. With the shade provided by outdoor awnings, you would not have to worry about their safety anymore.


Unlike fixed awnings, which cannot be tucked away during harsh weather, folding awnings are by nature more convenient. During rain, hail, or other weather conditions, you can safely fold your awning away and prolong its life. This also makes conservation and maintenance simple. Simply dust off your awning and fold it up. Awnings can be set up with a manual or electric system, meaning you can decide the level of convenience according to your needs. Even the manual folding system only takes one minute on average to complete.

Wide Range of Designs

There are a wide range of designs and colours available to suit your needs. These beautiful additions to any home will add to the overall appearance and curb appeal of your house. In fact, you may even increase your overall property value. Recent studies found that potential buyers look first to the outside of a home before they make their decision. A home that is beautiful on the inside but merely adequate on the outside is less likely to receive an offer you want. Buyers are more likely to offer more on a home with everything they want than on a home they would need to do more work on.

No matter what your reason, you deserve to enjoy your outdoor space during even the hottest months of the year. No matter where you live in Australia, you need this awning to help you make the most of your time. Pool water is wonderful during hot weather, but the sun cannot be avoided. In fact, water can reflect radiation and cause the harm to increase. An awning will protect you at all times of the day.