Sure, we live in a new era, where everybody stays glued to their smartphones, tablets, iPads, mini pads, and many other such handy gadgets. With the internet’s impact on our generation becoming far-reaching, the craze of televisions has been fading away. But, nevertheless, nothing can beat the experience of watching your favourite action movie, or drama series, or any other such interesting entertainment piece over the big screen of TV. Furthermore, to add up to your joys, nowadays we are being gifted with many new varieties of TV like LED, LCD, etc., that offer the high-clarity HD picture quality, thus making our television viewing experience even more delightful. Some of the major television brands like Samsung LED TV, VU TV, LG television, Panasonic television, etc have been revolutionizing the world of television with their every praise-worthy piece of TV.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the famous brands of LED TV that are worth checking out.

  1. Samsung –

This South Korea-based MNC company has become the leading brand in the world of electronics. Not just televisions, but they do have huge fame in many other electronic fields like smartphones, tablets, smartphone accessories, etc. They offer many varieties of LED TVs like smart LEDs, curved LEDs, and much more. With their full HD display, color enriched view, vibrant and engulfing sound experience, and other lovable features; they are very justifiably ruling the world of Televisions.

  1. LG –

Life, most definitely, is good with the LG devices and gadgets. LG LED TVs have various eye-catchy features like 4k HD Dolby vision enriched screen that provides both richer colour and better viewing experience, IPS 4k Quantum display that reproduces different shades of colour to make every color come alive on your TV screen and provide finer gradation, self-lighting pixels that emit the light individually from every pixel thus serving as a perfect companion for HDR, and super slim designs that give your TV the ultimate stylish look.

  1. VU TV –

This futuristic television company with its highly advanced features has become one of the most loved television companies of many customers. The CPU of these smart TVs is specifically designed to perform all the tasks that are asked of it, more quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. You can even play high-quality games; do video streaming, and much more with VU TV. Some other remarkable feature of VU TVs are 4K Ultra HD display that makes your television content highly mesmerising, ultra-wide color gamut that brings the TV colors to reality-true colors thus allowing you to watch your pictures, and videos in their real color, built-in Wi-FI, smart chip, smooth motion rate, app store, game store, metal frame design, new and smart operating system, and many other State of the art manufacturing features.

  1. Sony –

This Japanese Multinational company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Sony LED TV with its amazingly perfect design quality, 4K HD display, Dolby sound surround, Wi-Fi, and internet facility, and many other such fascinating features definitely beats various other LED TVs. The Bravia series of LED TVs from Sony has been winning hearts of many customers ever since they came to market. Their high picture quality, superior sound quality, super-slim designs, and many other extraordinary features have made the Bravia series a huge success.


Not only these brands but there are innumerable and renowned brands namely, Micromax LED TV, Panasonic, Intex, etc that offer best in class LED TVs at pocket friendly rates.